Randy, I think Philip is on to something.  If you have your owner's manual 
there should be an explanation for that light, and I think it is a simple float 
sensor to warm of low brake fluid.  The same light may also indicate when the 
parking brake is applied, which may be a simple switch at the parking brake 
pedal mechanism: maybe that is the cause of your flickering light?
Max Dillon
Charleston SC
'87 300TD
'95 E300

On August 24, 2015 4:04:33 PM EDT, fmiser via Mercedes <mercedes@okiebenz.com> 
>> Randy wrote:
>> One issue that remains, and I had hoped would be solved in
>> all of this is the brake warning light on the dash still
>> does not wish to go out. I believe it to be the sender that
>> warns of an uneven pressure between front and back.
>> Anyone know anything much about this?
>I have no experience with a 115, so I probably don't know
>much. *smiles*
>But on my 123s, the _red_ "brake" dash light warns of pressure
>imbalance _and_ low fluid.  At least I presume it warns of
>pressure imbalance, I know it warns for low fluid.
>Because unplugging the sensor prevents the warning light from
>coming on, we know you're on the right trail.  If the light
>is off when unplugged, presumably the sensor is normal-open
>and closes to send a warning.  That would suggest that if
>there are multiple sensors they would be wired in parallel
>meaning unplugging one of them would not effect the others.
>Did the new master cylinder include a new sensor?
>Does the dash light still come on for the self test when
>starting the engine?  (I'm presuming the 115 dash lights test
>even though the glow and start are not done with the key)
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