John Berryman wrote:

I just ordered a replacement for mine (na) and asked about the turbo pad. The cost is like 4x more. From this mfr there is a heat shield. I was initially thinking I would get one because it would probably add to the life of the pad. With the cost considered, I ordered the one without the heat shield. I may affix a piece of heat shielding material my friend liberated from Grumman. What about under pans Marshall? Do any of your cars still have it? Ever see any aftermarket? I'd really like to have all the sound deadning stuff installed just to see how much quieter it will be. My 2.5 is real quiet.

A couple of my cars have full (both) undershields, my 124 only has the front shield (now - I destroyed the rear one) and my 190D 2.5 doesn't have ANY sound shields (the PO was an IDIOT). The factory replacements are EXPENSIVE, but the early shields and pads are MUCH less expensive then the later ones (but I don't know why).

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