I have been fighting all evening to get Windows Update on our Windows 7
laptop to update software. When I installed Windows 7 Home Premium, I did
update a number of packages, but I stopped it when I needed our limited
Internet throughput for something else

Tonight, I initially selected all packages which needed to be updated
(500 MB). Nothing happened. After much fiddling, I got things set to try
again. This time I selected only one update (of a whopping 32 kB).
Windows update first set a restore point and actually downloaded the file
and installed it.

I then tried with some more files and found it again would not download
anything. I eventually rebooted the laptop, opened the Windows Task
Manager, and then Windows Update. It again did not download anything.
The Task Manager says that the CPU is being 100% utilized and that
svchost.exe is the process that is doing the hogging.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Do I need to reinstall Windows?

Who is being reminded why he dislikes Windows.


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