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> I then tried with some more files and found it again would not download
> anything. I eventually rebooted the laptop, opened the Windows Task
> Manager, and then Windows Update. It again did not download anything.
> The Task Manager says that the CPU is being 100% utilized and that
> svchost.exe is the process that is doing the hogging.

There are a number of viruses that grab svchost and then go crazy.  There
are also several legitimate Windows services that occasionally go nuts as
well, the latter are usually self-healing when they finish or hit the
timeout.  At a guess it was doing a drive scan or something, stimulated by
the reboot.

Windows Update is very sensitive to network connections and other services
queuing up behind it.  The on-demand buttons seem to just be an illusion, I
think it just queries state stored from the last connection.  Anyway I
often have to stop and start the Windows Update service or the BITS service
to get it going.

If you don't have all the service packs, downloading those on another
system and installing them directly might ease some of the pain.

> Who is being reminded why he dislikes Windows.

This is nothing, just wait until you corrupt the registry! (Though to be
fair, my w7 systems have been exceptionally stable, at least once they got
setup and updated initially.)


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