Not to be insulting, but of what concern should it be to anyone, especially those who are not Americans, how I spend my US dollars? Gas, booze, women (OK just my wife and daughter), food, toys, or whatever the hell else I want to spend it on? I really could not care less what any other nationality thinks of my spending or living habits. Other countries are free to do whatever their citizens let them do (which mostly seems to be to tax the hell out of things that are necessary or pleasurable), and if the USA offers vehicles and gas at whatever prices, I will make my choices accordingly. If the representatives of the people choose to do things that are not to our collective (or at least a majority of voters and the courts) desire then we will deal with that.

Now, if those external individuals and countries decide to do things that are not in "our" interest, then "we" need to figure out what to do about that and act accordingly. In our locality, and I think that of our northern neighbors, the markets are awash in oil and gas, and from what I can learn, that can go on for quite some time (decades) before there is a shortage driving prices to $150. Once again, technology and some smart people have changed the world, and new ways of thinking need to deal with that. If I was a Saudi or a Russian I would be very concerned these days.


Spoken like a true blue Texan through and through.

You sure you are not still a Texan?


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