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> It has now developed a new problem: For the last hour-and-a-half at
> least, it has been stuck on "Installing update 150 of 179..." That
> update is KB2799926, in case that means anything.
> Does anyone have any ideas what to do now?

Well, after more than 5 hours of it trying to install the update, I
clicked on the "Stop installation" button. A little while later, a
message popped up mentioning installation progress, so I clicked on it.
That brought up Windows Update, showing it was installing update 150 of
179. Clicking on the "Stop installation" button again did nothing.

I tried to restart the computer, but it said it had to finish installing
the updates and to not shut it off. After a while, I held the power
button down until the screen went back. I rebooted it and took the option
of starting in Safe Mode. Now it says,

            Failure configuring Windows updates
                     Reverting changes
                Do not turn off your computer


I did some research on-line about the problem and found
Maybe they will help.

I did find a download of Win7 SP1, but that's 1.9 GB, so I didn't
download it. That's still an option for tonight. I also found
winxpvirtualcdcontrolpanel_21.exe so I won't have to make a CD
with SP1 on it.



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