The idea of someone telling me how and what I can spend my money on, or asserting that such decisions are anyone else's concern, or implying that my decisions are less than acceptable. If Americans want a big thirsty vehicle (or continue to drive one because I don't want to spend huge money to save a few mpg) and the market offers them (here recognizing the gummint's meddling in fuel efficiency), and Americans have the money to buy and put fuel in them, then that is our option to choose. Or a small sippy vehicle, or an electric or hybrid or bicycle or whatever else. Because, MERKA!

Interestingly enough, aside from various weenies in the world, that is what most others would choose too (i.e., to have the choice of what to buy, including big thirsty vehicles), if they had the choice.


On 8/25/15 3:48 PM, Randy Bennell via Mercedes wrote:
Wow! What lit your fuse?


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