> Craig wrote:

> > It has now developed a new problem: ...it has been stuck
> > on "Installing update 150 of 179..." 

> ...after more than 5 hours ... I clicked on the "Stop
> installation" button. ... showing it was
> installing update 150 of 179. Clicking on the "Stop
> installation" button again did nothing.
> I tried to restart the computer, but it said ... not shut it
> off. ...I rebooted it ... Now it says,
>  Failure ... Reverting .... Do not turn off your computer

And I hear people complain about how hard it is to install

I'm following your progress, Craig, 'cause one of these days
I'm going to be stuck and have to upgrade my virtual machine
guest from XP.

I don't recall your reason for needing MSWin - but personally
I would be re-evaluating that decision about now...

Will what you need run with WINE?


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