Jaime wrote:
> please keep your politics to yourself.

Yah - there are probably many places to say politics things - but not
among friends like you and Dwight and Curly and Grant - friends gained
by hearing wonky fixes for old cars around which we gather at

I can hear lots of politics on the radio and must dismiss most of it
because it is waaay partisan.  There is not much friendship in
expression of politics and in friendships, if politics is forbidden,
the only politics is pure indoctrination by partisan preachers.  I
like the politics expressed by friends at okiebenz.  I can learn
better politics at okiebenz than any run-of-the-mill radio rant.
Bring it on.

I am sorry that Dwight and Jaime were injured by the expressed
politics of Curly but I can read through a bit further and see that
there was not much mal-intent in the brief Curly statement.

Nothing really changes, but I enjoy the okiebenz friendly banter
better than the media baloney where everyone is enemy and trying to
indoctrinate me.

Does anyone hear Mike Rivero at gcnlive.com or whatreallyhappened.com ?
I enoy his commentary which is clearly not progressive, but it is less
demeaning than the non-progressive preachers.  Rivero seems to put a
bit of different spin to expose other non MSM (Main Stream Media)


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