Dwight wrote:
> That is what I wanted to check- not politics but respect & list tone.

Are you up for a slight challenge?
Give us your view on something other than brain cancer - I'm
interested to hear you speak a bit about Mr. Carter.  I really did not
pay attention to his time in DC, but it seems there are things to like
about his ways these days.
I would also like to hear more about what Grant and Curly meant about
Mr. Carter's time in DC and the ruination from that time until today.
My opinion is that it is partly politics but mostly our fat-*** ways
of doing things - yeah, we don't.  We think DC will do it.  We want
more for us.  We want entertainment.  I like the guys that took that
AK47 guy down in France - that was doing something.  We need more of
that.  And DIY W123 repair is also doing something.  That is why I
like to hear this stuff from Dwight AND Grant.  And Wilton.  You guys
have more basis for politics than my fat-*** life.


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