And that history has repeated with the current administration.  Except this
time we surrendered after we won.  We left the vacuum that spawned ISIS. We
set up the Middle East for a nuclear arms race.  At the same time we created
a domestic welfare state with almost half the people living off the rest and
exploding the National debt.  That's not politics, its facts.

MBZ content:  Does anyone know if available 126 suspension rubber is any
good?  Should I replace the 1982 stuff or keep it?

I replaced 123, 124 and 126 rubber with Lemforder from Q. So far so good. I think if you can buy Lemforder, it will be ok. None of it is 20 years old yet, but the oldest is 7 or 8 years old and appears to be good so far.

You can always ask autohausAZ if they can get lemforder or price OE parts from the CC. (tom hanson)


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