That's because the FBI and Harris requires that they sign a non-disclosure 

We had a big dust-up down here recently where the ACLU filed an FOIA request 
over one of these with the local prosecutor and Federal marshals showed up at 
the prosecutor's office and took the case over, effectively thwarting the FOIA.


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> On Aug 26, 2015, at 11:29 AM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> Yes, and apparently the various locals are hiding the fact that they have 
> them though the info is subject to FOIA, they ignore any requests on details.
> --R
>> On 8/26/15 11:16 AM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
>> You mean that law enforcement will be using hardware to track our 
>> whereabouts?
>> Dan why am I not surprised Man
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>>> On Aug 26, 2015, at 10:58 AM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes 
>>> <> wrote:
>>> Once done, some Chinese outfit will be selling the equipment for 
>>> cheepcheep, then it becomes another running battle.  Just like all the 
>>> other cracks, hacks, cloners, and whatever else to circumvent or get into 
>>> various systems -- the electronic keys are big now, garage door openers, 
>>> whatever.
>>> I recall some years ago getting a cell phone bill (my work phone) for 
>>> nearly $2k, calls all over the world, most to Mexico, from all over the US. 
>>>  I call the cell phone co, whoever it was, and ask WTF.  They look into it, 
>>> determine my (analog at the time) phone had been cloned and someone made 
>>> clones and were probably selling time to make calls.  Found out a few 
>>> others at the company had the same thing done, turns out someone was 
>>> probably sitting at a traffic light not far from the office, sniffing 
>>> phones while people sat in the traffic making calls or pinging the towers 
>>> or whatever. Equipment was fairly cheap even then (though probably not from 
>>> China at that time).  Now the cops have these devices that can spoof 
>>> phones, acting like a cell node, and collect all kinds of stuff from them.  
>>> I guess if you have a coupla $k you could buy one too.
>>> --R
>>>> On 8/26/15 8:11 AM, Jaime Kopchinski via Mercedes wrote:
>>>> It takes a huge amount of time and knowledge to pull something like this
>>>> off.
>>>> Jaime
>>>> On Wednesday, August 26, 2015, Max Dillon via Mercedes <
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Or an ex-spouse bent on revenge, or the neighborhood punk getting some
>>>>> laughs.  People can and will be cruel.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Max Dillon
>>>>> Charleston SC


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