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 Yay!  ?

 Would installation of win 7 SP1 reduced the issues?

I presume you mean, "Would installation of win 7 SP1 have reduced the

Probably, but I didn't have SP1 available.

Now Windows Update says my system is fully up-to-date, so I don't have to
do anything more.


The last times I installed 2000 and XP, the updates take a day and several manual shutdown/restarts. I believe MS does this intentionally so that you get disgusted installing the "old" OS and go out and buy the "new" OS, which is still only 2000 with all the patches and a gussied up "new" interface. (bloatware)

I did that experiment years ago when XP was new.

Clean installs of 2000 (near or at end of life) Wissta and XP
ran all the SPs and Updates until MS was happy.

Each HD had about the same amount of space used. By now since 2000 and XP are dead and MS does not admit wissta ever existed, that a fully patched Winder 10 will be bigger than fully patched XP, but I'd bet it is nearly the same as a fully patched winders 8.1.

Sounds like M$ is playing the "frustrate you with winders 7 installs so you go out and buy 10" game.


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