I will not name names -- no matter how much $$$ I am offered -- ... well ...

Watching the various posts and discussion here today (and over the past few
years), I was suddenly hit by how many opinions we have. But more
importantly, which of us (and again, I will not name names) have a long
standing reputation for being really, really smart and good and perhaps even

And then we have some (me included) who are slobbering idiots who know
nothing but always have a comment.

The guys who know which end of the body the toilet paper is to touch are
indeed an asset. Marshall ... Johnny B. [my personal hemp-dude, my "actually
go out and do something good instead of bitching" hero] ... Mitch ...
Pervine ... Mr. Clean ...  and so many more. If you don't see your name
here, don't feel slighted. I am going from memory. Those who read this know
who is whom.

The other list, the idiots:  LT Don, ....

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