You just have to be really careful about hooking the lever that projects out of 
it onto the internal injection pump linkage.  Do it wrong and the pump ends up 
at WOT.  Not a pleasant thing.

Once you insert the lever, pull back on the whole assembly gently to determine 
that it’s hooked.

At least this is what I recall about replacing them….


> On Aug 27, 2015, at 11:46 AM, Randy Bennell via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> Finally had a look at my 115 300D to see why I have to open the hood and push 
> on the stop lever all of the time.
> Appears that the vacuum shutoff doodad on the end of the injection pump has 
> died of old age.
> Put the hand vacuum pump on it directly and it did not appear to work at all.
> Ordered a new one last night. Darned things are expensive.
> Someone on here posted about using a cable like a lawn mower throttle cable 
> to pull down on the lever from the passenger compartment and I thought about 
> that briefly but decided that the car is too good to start horsing around 
> with stuff like that.
> It has been good to me so far. In 10 years of ownership I have done little 
> apart from change the oil. My recent change of the brake master cylinder is 
> the only real expenditure on parts that I have had in a long while so I 
> cannot complain too much. The car is essentially 40 years old.
> I hope that swapping the units is not too much of a pain. A bit of a tight 
> spot. May have to remove some  heater hoses etc to get better access to it. 
> Want to change the coolant so that might be a good tiem to do that too.
> RB
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