Thanks, Grant.

Yes, it’s full of fluid.  It leaks out of the main ram area, so I know that O 
ring is shot.

Sears has a manual for it, but nothing on the inner workings of the cylinder or 

There are any number of folks selling “rebuild kits” for these jacks out there, 
but I wince at the thought of paying someone $50 for a couple of O rings.  One 
of the web sites I looked at today said that the Harbor Freight metric O ring 
kit would have everything needed to reseal the cylinder and valves.

I’m going to swing by HF tonight and drop $8.00 for the O ring set.  I’ll 
probably tear into it this weekend.


> On Aug 27, 2015, at 4:54 PM, G Mann via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> First question: Have you added fluid to proper amount?
> If it's leaking and fluid level is low.. it won't pump as it should.
> Next questions: Does the Craftsman site have an exploded parts manual for
> the exact jack?
> Parts manual?
> Parts available?
> If you have the parts diagram, you can see how it comes apart.. order parts
> and have them in advance..
> O rings, seals, and valves and seats.. You will have an AS NEW jack...
> shouldn't take you more than a couple hours.


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