"Was it Crapsman branded?"  Yes, it was part of a crapsman tap and die set.

SK and Truecraft are wonderful and reasonably priced. I had a little US 3/8 drive SK Socket set I carried in my original 190D. It came in a little steel box. Truecraft makes a Metric allen wrench set that goes up to 17mm. I am on my second set in 40 years. the first set was stolen ~20 years ago. I have never broken one of them. Truecraft 12" adjustable wrench is the #1 farm tool. To me it was used more than a pliers or a knife.

snappy for special stuff. Used to buy special stuff from Mac, but they disappeared from this part of the country.

Was it Crapsman branded? They've got a bunch of other crappy tool brands now to get out of the warranty business. Best thing I ever did 5-8 years ago was buy an SK ratchet, its an excellent tool. Sadly I guess they've gone in the toilet now too but the ratchet I got is fantastic. Way better than any of the Crapsman ones I've ever had. The Crapsman wrenches now are particularly egregious. They feel terrible in the hand, rough and scratchy. The HF cheapies are polished and lovely, strong too.
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Not true for most of their tools with more than one moving part.

the tap handle on my crapsman tap and die set broke almost
immediately.  Snears refused to replace it.  They only sneered at me.
After that, i've not bought much from snears.  HF or FLAPS gets my
biz now


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