Allan Streib wrote:

What exactly does that entail?  Is there a good writeup on the whole
job anywhere?  Is it something I can do myself in my garage (no lift
but a good floor jack and stands).  Any esoteric tool requirements?

I've got a photoblog on my website when I did it last year on the 300TD wagon. Basically, you've got:

Upper control arms
Upper control arm to torsion bar bushings
Lower balljoints
Lower control arm bushings
Guide rod bushings
Guide rod mount
Shocks and wheel bearings optional, depending on condition

If the steering needs attention, add:

Tie rods
Drag link
Steering shock
Idler arm bushings

As far as special tools, you NEED the factory spring compressor to take the spring out. You WANT the factory ball joint press. If you've got a good bench vise to hold the lower control arms while you pound out the lower ball joints, you are set - Rusty rents out the other two tools.

On jackstands, it's a weekend job.  On a lift, it's a heavy day.

John L. Ervine
1981 240D 4-spd 268+kmi
1980 300TD 170+kmi
1980 300SD 277+kmi
1977 280S 4-spd 80+kmi

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