I slowly get the car up to date.  She runs now, but still has issue with crap 
bosch wires that are not sending electrons to all plugs.  Fuel delivery is good.

The Manifold gaskets were replaced which reduced the El Camino impersonation, 
but there are failures along the rest of the system that want attention.  I 
probably need a full exhaust system from in front of the cross over pipe back.  
 My best guesstimate is coming out at $1k for the bits and bobs.  Now the 
question, other than which make of exhaust fluid, is which manufacturer of 
pipes should I purchase?

1974 450SL, no cat, cali car (sort of)


2002 s430 - Victor, a Stately & well tailored chap
1974 450sl -  Frosch - Two tone green
1976 300D - Blei Vanst - it looks silvery
1972 220D - Gump - She was green, simple and ran
1995 E300D - Gave her life to save me against a Dame in a SUV
POS 1987 SDL - Beware Nigerian Scammers


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