I've used the elring AT filters successfully in 123 and 126, but apparently something is different in the 124 trans. The Mercedes Benz auto trans expert (Guru) recommends MANN ONLY in the 124.

Once you have been stranded by a collapsed elring, and find out that the solution is as cheap as a MANN filter, you will always buy MANN for your 124.

I was sure I was going to have to buy another transmission. It was well worth the call to Sun Valley to talk to theGuru. (sorry I don't remember his name, but he is kind enough to talk to us on the phone)

I plan on using the Mann AT filters in all the 123, 124 and 126, and 107 from here on out.

If you have a 124:  Take heed.

if you don't take this advice, then read OK Don's signature from Will Rogers, and go pee on the fence.

It is your choice.


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