I am tired of screwing around with the 300D racing mess (LeMons) and will be 
parting it prior to the crusher.

With that gone, I feel a void in my parking lot and think I can replace it with 
another Silver Star.  But which?  This is the current crop of contenders




Now, recall that I have to get it on the track for under $500.  That means 
whatever I part from it can pay for repairs, but I have to come as close to 
$500 in the wash.  Not sure what all parts become spare on each.  Not too into 
rust repair anymore, either.


2002 s430 - Victor, a Stately & well tailored chap
1974 450sl -  Frosch - Two tone green
1976 300D - Blei Vanst - it looks silvery
1972 220D - Gump - She was green, simple and ran
1995 E300D - Gave her life to save me against a Dame in a SUV
POS 1987 SDL - Beware Nigerian Scammers


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