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I hope and pray you'll find a med that works for you. Laying in bed in pain in a remote location like a motel room is againy in itself! Try to get your PCP to give you a referral to a Anestheologists - they have the
tools to make the pain go away and they work hard at doing so -

Larry T ('74 911, '67 MGB, 78 240D)

Thanks Larry. I'm still hoping it will just go away. I am avoiding the surgery, even the surgeon says if you can take the pain don't get cut. I know technology is making all kinds of stuff possible but I'm going to stick it out. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks, I'll talk to the Dr. He seems to genuinely care and understand the problem. He also understands that I've made a lot of lifestyle changes but there is still a need for me to abuse my body from time to time.

Johnny B.
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