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> Well let me know when you are going to be rolling thru. We can work on
> your ac and you can load up all the parts you can carry.

Now that sounds like a deal! I don't know when we will be rolling
through. We moved to the house we are now renting south-southeast of
Santa Fe because the landlord was going to build a large garage in which
we could unload our furniture van, repack boxes of poorly- or
not-at-all-packed stuff, and then reload it.

Now that the construction was to have already commenced, we find out that
the contractor (part of a nation-wide company) the landlord is using is
hemming and hawing about when he will get started, which looks like no
time soon. In addition, another couple in the area have sold their home
and would like to move in here. Our landlord would like to rent to them
and wants us out of the house by the end of September. I could put up a
fuss, but it really is in our best interest, now that I have completed my
classes in Albuquerque, to find a suitable place as soon as possible so we
can start the process of unloading, repacking, and reloading our
furniture van without delay.

So, I am looking for yet another place to rent temporarily.

> Have you replaced the 124 yet?

No, I think we will wait on that until we are in Indiana.



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