I''m looking at parts at crockauto for a Dodge.

Choices are:
WJB             $57
Dura International      $69
Mevotech                $72

I've never heard of these brands, but I think Dura is a OEM for some things.
These brands I've heard of with timken being the most trustworthy (IMHO)

Raybestos       $85
Timken          $92

Then there are some other brands for more money, but not for my money...

What is the collective wisdom? The Dura and WJB are the best sellers. What would y'all buy?

I'd like these to last another 200k, but the Dodge parts only lasted 60k or so, but death was accelerated by the accelerometer turning on the anti skid at highway speeds for no reason. This caused overheating, and probably burned the grease, leading to bearing failure. Accelerometer is now disconnected.

Is WJB the equivalent of Uro?

Of course, I have no way of knowing if timken are make in China.

For comparison: Last Dodge ones were about $100 ea. Today's dodge price was $220 each. (different dealer, no discount) I think I got 30% off on the first ones.

I am leaning toward one of the two most popular: Duro or WJB.



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