OK Don, (quoter of Sam Clemons and WIll Rogers) sez: One of my uncles was a glider pilot in WWII in Europe. He barely survived
the crash landing, and it was over 40 years later before he would get in
another aircraft.

There is an audio recording of Lee Cline of WHO Radio interviewing a guy name Sylvan ____ in the 60s or 70s about his experience as a glider pilot. Sylvan worked for the stat Conservation Commission, and Lee asked him why he walked with a limp. Sylvan told about the glider experience and the difference between training and landing in france, with the hedgerows and rock walls. Sylvan's glider hit a hedge and rock wall, and he was on his way home on his first day in france. His gimpy leg was his souvenir of trying to land a glider in a postage stamp size field in france. I'll see if I can find the cd figure out a way to put the interview online.



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