On Wednesday 01 February 2006 5:51, Kaleb C. Striplin wrote:
> so lets here some of those idiot 4 wheeler driver stories.  I always
> love those.

I think anyone living in the Sonoran desert basin of Arizona has a few- we see 
'em in the news constantly. 

When it rains hard in the desert around Phoenix and Tucson during the 
monsoons, there are any number of washes which cross major roads and which 
become impassable, raging torrents of water as much as five or six feet deep. 
Invariably, some weenie thinks "I can cross that, I've got a FOUR WHEEL 

Generally, you get to see the weenie on the six o'clock news, standing on the 
roof of his submerged SUV, waving arms frantically at the rescue helicopter 

Apparently, some folks don't realize that a four wheel drive is not a 
submarine. Maybe they forgot that the cute propeller thingie on their trailer 
hitch is just for looks...

The best is when they show a picture of the vehicle and it is clearly just a 
few yards up or downstream from another four-wheel-drive which got stuck 
trying the same thing. 


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