There were some court cases 30-40 years ago on lifetime warranties. 
Basically the courts interpreted it as the life cycle of the warranted
for example I think they came up with 7 years for a refrigerator, making a ten
year warranty more valuable than a lifetime warranty. 

OTOH, last I knew JC Penney was still honoring their lifetime car battery
decades after they quit selling batteries. Considering there are probably fewer
100 customers involved nationwide, it's probably a cheap way to maintain their
reputation. (I heard about it in an interview with a very old lady who has
on her 1964 Chevy that she bought new. She's got Midas lifetime muffler and
brake pads
on it too, but Midas surely does OK with associated brake and exhaust work)
My parents, married over 60 years, have had four refrigerators.
The only fridge my folks used for under 7 years was a defective leaker that they
did a couple of compressor replacements and I don't know how many recharges
they threw in the towel, sold dad's motorcycle, and bought a new one. I blame
dealer, not GM/Frigidaire for that one. Dad wanted a deal, and the salesman
one of last year's model in the back of the store, either not knowing or not
that it was a warranty return, and sold it to dad as new. It was a good
of the uselessness of that store's mechanics. Low on charge? Just gas her up and
Out of charge and compressor burnt up? Swap compressors, gas and go. 
Leak test? What's that?
The replacement Admiral was in continuous service from about 1977 to 2012. I can
replacing the defrost timer twice, and it was running a lot, probably low on
when they replaced it after only 35 years. 

Their first fridge, a Sears/Coldspot from the 1950s, was relegated to the
basement bar around
1972 when they bought the POS. When they sold the house in 1975, we left it
behind, and the
buyer put it back in the kitchen. The freezer that came with it is still in use,
but it's got
to go. My brother broke off the thermostat knob in 1962 when it was set full
cold as they were
moving, and it's been running pretty much 24/7 ever since, currently at a cost
of around $15
a month. Every time there's a power failure it clatters horribly upon restart
and I wonder
if it will be able to start next time. In fact, the compressor rattles all the
time now. 
That shouldn't happen with a freezer that isn't even 60 years old yet, should


> On August 30, 2015 at 10:25 AM G Mann via Mercedes <>
> wrote:
> Pretty much sums up much of my experience since with stores that advertise
> Lifetime Guarantees.


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