Kaleb C. Striplin wrote:
Some truckers already make that kind of money, my dads neighbor makes more than that. They already have sat tracking and can monitor speeds etc, luther can probably tell you about that. What is lower speeds going to do? Its a proven fact that lower speeds cause MORE wrecks because people get too bored and relaxed and such slow speeds.

The problem is the sheer physics involved. A truck going 80 mph has a tremendous stopping distance, even compared to a car at the same speed. There's the sheer weight involved, and the fact that semi braking systems aren't exactly state of the art -- compared to a car, they're pretty underbraked. (The coal trucking industry fought an anti-lock braking system mandate by pointing out that a loaded coal truck can't generate enough braking effort to lock its wheels! I also remember hearing about an accident where a truck took out a car that was stopped at the bottom of a hill waiting to turn left. The trucker was not issued a ticket because the police determined that, travelling at the speed limit, there was no way he could have seen the car in time to stop before hitting it -- once he crested the hill the car was already closer than his minimum stopping distance.)

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