I finally found the w115 racer a new home.  She will sacrifice her OM617 to a 
jeep, and probably be stripped and crushed.  Sold it to a fellow out of left 
field who seemed like a flake CL response.  Told me in email he was going to 
buy it and would i be home today.  Yeah, sure, I will be here... (thinking I 
will waste the whole day and he never shows).  Called that he was late and may 
not arrive until around dark.  Sinking feeling sets in, but he tells me he has 
cash on the phone.

Fellow drives up in a minivan with a uhaul dolly.  Looks at the car, asks about 
the scrap alternator and starter to be tossed in, gives me cash once I light 
her off, and we put it on the dolly.  He drives off into the long settled sun.

I go to the computer and begin the prowl for my next victim.

Something simple, but big enough to haul hardware about.  Gump was great for 

OR the SLC.  It has a large trunk, I do not care about the roof getting scuffed.


2002 s430 - Victor, a Stately & well tailored chap
1974 450sl -  Frosch - Two tone green
1976 300D - Blei Vanst - it looks silvery
1972 220D - Gump - She was green, simple and ran
1995 E300D - Gave her life to save me against a Dame in a SUV
POS 1987 SDL - Beware Nigerian Scammers


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