I had a different problem this year. The rustbucket SDL has been parked for the summer. Behind the driver's side headlight, around the A/C pressure switch/drier there was a bunch of grass and mud. No mouse nest, but it looked like something bigger had slept there. My second though was packrat, but AFIK, no 4 legged pack rats around here. (only 2 legged) Pack rats build much bigger nests than this one was. In the flint hills of KS, that is a different story, but none around here that I know of. There are groundhogs though.

My suspicion is that a ground hog put the mud and grass there in the spring and then baked itself in the warmth under the black hood parked next to south and west facing building sided that blocked the wind and reflected the afternoon sun.

The critter had big teeth, as it bit through the LF TS wires, and chewed insulation off other wires and cut some other wires down in that corner. I doubt the AC will ever run, so I didn't fix those. I had to splice and insulate several other wires. I've never heard of groundhogs sleeping in a car before. I always get the oddball things.


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