> Andrew wrote:
> This is a chicken and egg kind of thing. Did the SLS pump
> fail, sending oil through the system that damaged the
> spheres? If so, did this the flex hose to rupture? On the
> other hand, if the spheres were already defective, could
> this somehow have led to contamination of the SLS fluid,
> turning it black? Inquiring minds want to know.

Failing SLS accumulators (spheres) will NOT cause the oil to
turn black.

I have seen no evidence for or against engine oil causing
accumulator or hose damage.

With a failing pump seal, I have only seen SLS oil leak into
the engine - not engine oil leak into the pump.  That's
because the shaft is on the high-pressure side of the pump -
not the input/suction side.

The fluid get dark with age and use.  And if you have a hose
that's dead, I could see that maybe the deterioration of the
hose causing the fluid to get dark.


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