As the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop into the 80s, the 
thought of getting back out on the sporting clays range starts to surface.  The 
youngest boy and I have been talking about it recently, which made me realize I 
need to start seriously looking for a good over/under 12GA shotgun.

In my previous searches I really, really like the Lanbers, especially the 2097 
30” barrel, but since they stopped selling in the US they’re getting hard to 
find, new or used.  I’ll continue to watch for them, but in the meantime...

For those of you who are shotgun people, I would be interested in hearing your 
suggestions for a beginner sporting clay shotgun.  I would lie to keep the 
price below $1000, and yes, I know I’m not going to get a Browning or something 
really nice for that kind of money.


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