As someone mentioned previously, if you ever watched “The Longest Day”, which 
is probably one of the best ever movies made about D-Day, you would have seen 
numerous references to gliders.

If you haven’t see the movie I highly advise doing so.  It’s well done and 
pretty historically accurate.

I saw some of “Patton” the other day.  I love that guy.


> On Sep 3, 2015, at 9:58 AM, Curt Raymond via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> Every new generation has to learn different things. If I'd learned the same 
> thing in school as Scott I'd have missed decades of advancement. Remember the 
> old people when you were a kid were also saying "kids these days!"
> IIRC there was some famous greek that published something on kids and their 
> weird music. It reads like it was written yesterday.
> -Curt
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>>   I am surprised that any American did not know about this effort but
>> I guess much has changed since I went to school.  But maybe that explains
>> much.
> My memory is no longer fantastic, but the only military gliders I remember 
> from
> my childhood
> were the imaginary ones that an enlisted guy in M*A*S*H shot down, capturing
> imaginary
> prisoners and getting himself a nonimaginary mental health discharge in the
> process. 
> Mitch.


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