On 2/1/06, Kaleb C. Striplin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Would be interesting to find out how people came to be on this list(or
> the previous mbz.org)

Well, if we're sharing ... I had been doing some research on
BioDiesel. Trying to educate myself about the differences between
DinoDiesel, and AlternaDiesels. Came to the conclusion that what I
really want is a 116 / 123 Diesel MB. Shop right up the street from
where I work deals primarily in MB work. Started talking to Chris up
there about MB's, Diesel ones particularly. He had just gotten back a
108 that used to be his personal car he'd sold to a customer / friend
and was selling for him. (So he knew a lot about it). So I started
researching 108's and ran across the mbz.org board / page / system and
joined the mailing list.

Didn't buy the 108, though I really, really should have. Mostly
because I didn't have the $$ he was asking. But I had almost got him
to agree to a pay here type of deal before he sold it to another guy.
*sighs* Lost opportunities.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Knowledge is power... Power Corrupts. Study hard... Be Evil.

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