I thought you had sons.
Once I started driving my dad hardly ever drove anywhere. If we'd had an SDL he'd have been in back sleeping...

Yep, the back seat of an SDL is great. My son never complained about riding in the back seat of the SDL. at 12, my daughter refused to ride in the back seat of the escort (Diesel) I bought the SDL so the kids would be comfortable on the back seat on long trips. My Daughter LOVED the back seat of the SDL. Even in college, she wanted to go along on family trips. She'd recline the back seat and sleep most of the way, or sit in the back and pick up wifi on her computer as we travelled.

On one trip back from the gulf coast, I was sicker than a dog, and spent the 1000+ miles in the back seat as the women drove through snow and ice and took the long way around to avoid the worst of the snow and ice.


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