In general, Dan, the SDL is everything you love about these cars.  You need
to get your hands on this one, it sounds great.  Well maintained cars are
in big demand and get very high prices.

I'd love to have another myself!


The 300SDL is the finest road car there is short of extremely high dollar cars like the 600. A 124 or 123 is more fun for driving around town as they have a lighter feel. (110/111 is still the lightest feel of the sedans)

Timeless appearance, great performance, great economy for a big car. Great for hauling up to 5 ppl around. Great back seat legroom. Reasonably big trunkspace, but nothing is as good there as a 110/111. It is reasonable to do all work required yourself. No code readers needed. Parts are available.

With proper tuning, they can have pretty sporty acceleration for a big car Diesel. My first SDL would put you back against the seat when you floored it at 70.

I just shimmed the alda in my winter heap (finally) and it is much better. It accelerates with some spirit, but still not what I'd call properly tuned. Still no puffs of soot when you get on it, but it was sedate to the point of being near a 240D auto.

Each of the 4 I've had was a different personality. The first was still the best tuned of the bunch. I've never really tried to tune any of the others. they have been adequate the way they were and keeping up with maint and repairs on the fleet keeps me busy. It took me 3 years to get around to putting a shim under the alda on this one.


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