> RA wrote:
> I finally reached the point where the engine will not shut
> off when removing the key last week.  I must use the stop
> button under the hood each time.  The door locks also
> stopped working.

Classic symptoms of a failing vacuum control system.  It could
be lines or hoses - but I rarely see anything but the "vacuum
element" fail.  (I don't really like the word "vacuum
element", but that's the word Mercedes uses in the manual for
the vacuum actuators.)

> Dan wrote:
> This is all of maybe 10-15 minutes worth of diagnostics with a MityVac

> Rick wrote:
> Buy a Mity Vac. Do it yourself.

> Rich wrote:
> First is to put your mity-vac (HF sells a version for cheap
> but a "real" one is not that much anyway)

> Curt wrote:
> Buy a MityVac and do it yourself

I contend that a MityVac is unnecessary.  It is just a vacuum
source - but so is the pump on the front of the engine.

A vacuum gauge is handy, but even just a finger over the end
of a hose can be enough to the difference between strong
vacuum and weak-because-there-is-a-leak.

Unlike a MityVac, the engine vacuum is only available with the
engine running and it's harder to move from door to door.

To troubleshoot, first make sure the source vacuum is strong.
If the power brakes actually have power assist, then the
vacuum pump is probably okay.

Next check at the "T" near the booster.  By "check" I mean
"put a finger over the end and feel the pull".  Then start
"following" the vacuum forward 'till you figure out where it's
getting lost.  

Twigs or golf tees are pretty much required to plug various
lines to isolate.

With a MityVac you can check each branch - arguably the easier
way to do it, but I have identified and isolated many vacuum
problems while I was many miles away from my MityVac


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