On the OM603 turbo the intake manifold hangs over the IP, GPs, Alda etc.

The crossflow head is more effecient than the olderintake/exhause on the same side, but that makes the engine more servicable.

My experience with turbodiesels is limited to the VW quantum (never touched anything related to the turbo) and the OM603. I only briefly owned a Calif 85 OM617 i took in trade until I sold it. I never drove it on the road. I didn't want to own an 85 Calif 300D.

I've never had a OM601 or 602 turbo. Ask me about OM621, 616 and 603, and I can answer.


So this is the engine with the intake that loops over the top of the engine and makes stuff hard to get to?

My diesel experience ended wit the M617.

I often recall tweaking the ALDA on these engines. Such a nice bump performance-wise. The 85 300CD I had would chirp the tires in second gear after I tuned up the ALDA.



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