thanks John. I seems the things I suggested are in for the most part in affect. Then why aremany of them still maniacs? Are they just trying to get home earlier? One maniac with 100,000 lbs is too many. Regards Tom ----- Original Message ----- From: "John Berryman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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On Wednesday, February 1, 2006, at 01:37 PM, Tom Scordato wrote:

John to answer your question no I would not mind paying more.

I know I would. You would too , you're just caught up in the moment.

  We are the
most spoiled society on earth when it comes to that.

We're spoiled in almost every aspect. (except automotive lighting)

And Trucks do not need to cost a million bucks here are a few more
that might work, heck maybe they are being tried allready.

A) pay truckers a decent salary  (may I suggest 75,000 to 100K ? a
year plus
benefits factor in inflation) to be away from their families, not
piece meal
$ for mile that is only asking for trouble.  This would include salary
minimums for independents as well as company truckers

Some do make money like that and that's the life of a trucker.

B) limit, monitors and track speeds with engine electronic and confirm
trucks via satellite or some other method.

All this has been done for years and it is increasing.

C) brain and education, psycho test, similar to getting a merchant
cost guard license, nuclear operators license or other licensed
renewable every five years.  These are to be real strict.  Try to weed
the chaff.

Getting a CDL requires training and testing. Commercial drivers are
faced with stiffer penalties and can loose there license for way fewer
infractions than a common operator.

D) people and the industry can wait the extra three to five days (?)
lower speed limits would entail, no one is going to melt because of
it.  We
survived when it took trains three weeks to deliver something.  Matter
fact we actually manufactured things back then stuff the whole world
including us purchased.

The rest of the world has been accustomed to speedy service and its
the customer that inevitably sets the standard. i doubt the general
public wants to wait any longer. For some next-day is too slow.

E) weigh stations especially in the northeast (which are rarely open)
be required to be open allot more often (50%) of the time. Spot truck

The fact that they exist and could be open dictates that they drive
safe trucks and haul safe loads. If you drove professionally, you'd
think that there are too many open too much.
In a lot of locales, they employ a system that takes info
electronically and truck just have to pass under the sensors. This can
only be used by those that meet all the requirements. Other trucks must
pull into the weigh stations.

F) satellite tracking of speed and movement to determine and limit
speed and
number of hours truck operators are on the road

In effect for a long time.

G) mandatory drug testing for uppers and downers

Same as above. Long time.

H) major bonuses for operators with a clean record who do not drive
aggressively, reward safety.  Severely penalize truckers for accidents
they are at fault.  Like loose your commercial license, never drive
commercially again just like if you screw up on a merchant ship, they
your coast guard license up.

This is done. Insurance Cos give Safe Driver discounts and penalties
otherwise to private individuals as well as commercial drivers and
trucking companies. A CDL is a Federal License issued by the various
states, believe me, they're plenty strict as they are.

I) as an industry have a campain to educate the "four wheelers" to
share in

Amen, but this should be done before a license is issued after a
certain amount of infractions/accidents and periodically throughout the
life of drivers. Re-Testing should be mandatory as well. Some states
are re-testing seniors. This is a good thing. If you can't pass written
and driving tests you pose a threat to fellow drivers, pedestrians and
property and should not be allowed the privelage of a driver's license.

Make it a profession again instead of what one person told me "it was
for me or trucking".  Please do not compare trucks with cars by saying
should entail the same standards.  99% of the folks driving cars are
professionals.  Tuckers are supposed to be professionals, not cowboys.
There is too much at stake.

How many more rights do you want us to give up? The bad drivers
obsolete themselves over time, many lose their license and drive any
way but its near impossible to drive a truck unlicensed, thanks to the
regs you hopefully now realize are in effect.

Regards Tom Scordato
Bellefonte PA

Johnny B.
I Mac Therefore I am
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