Thanks - that helps. I wonder why there is no simple kit that goes from PV to 110 V without all the interconnecting parapernalia, battery, inverters,

Because unlike a politician's promise, the 'kit' purchaser would
expect results and would be mightily pissed when the simple kit didn't
actually deliver.  The process is _inherently_ not simple, and no
amount of wishing will make it so.

Solar for intermittent lighting and battery charging would be OK.
For any kind of heating, IMHO it's a non-starter.  The size of
the necessary system would be extremely cost-prohibitive.  And
there's ongoing maintenance requirements, and batteries have
a finite life, etc.

Your most satisfactory solution, and the cheapest one that will
meet your stated needs, will be a DIY install of a 12-gauge circuit
drop underground.  I'd recommend a 220V circuit, you'll get both
voltages that way and have a lot more potential power you could
exploit in the future.  (Welder, hot tub, etc.)

-- Jim


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