Just finished this job, second time I’ve done it, first time was on the S500 
coupe, this time on the 1994 S420.

I bought the special offset wrench for removing the top mount bolt, as it’s 
buried under the manifolds.  Best $15 I ever spent for a special tool for this 
job.  It made it go much faster.  I did the passenger (easy) side in about 20 
minutes, the driver’s side (difficult) in about 40.

Now I’m heading back out to put the transmission mount in.  Pretty easy job on 
the W140.  I’m getting the nasty stuff out of the way early today, then it’s 
time to spend sorting out the pneumatics.  Tomorrow it will be R&R of the right 
front caliper on the oldest boy’s 98 S420.  It’s got a stuck piston.  I’ve got 
a reman caliper waiting in the wings for it.


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