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> Thanks!

You are welcome.

> I hoping to put an end to the pneumatic issues that I have discovered
> that appear to have plagued this car for years.
>       ....
> There is a vacuum distribution block in the passenger front footwell
> that is prone to leak and often overlooked.  I have a new one on order,
> as they’re cheap, but I’ll be testing this one today as I suspect
> that’s where the problem lies.  The giveaway is the loss of AC flaps
> when engine vacuum drops due to acceleration.  The PSE pump isn’t able
> to keep up and the vacuum drops, causing the flaps to go to the default
> (defrost) position.

May it solve your problems!

> In less than 80,000 miles, the car has had the following replaced:
> Starter
> Alternator
> Power steering pump (2x)
> AC compressor (2x)
> AC evaporator (2x)
> AC condensor (2x)
> Ignition lock cylinder (2x)
> PSE pump (4x)
> It was like clockwork when they would have the car in for service with
> the independent and it would need some sort of major work.

That's pretty amazing. I agree; the independent had either a boat or a
child he needed to put through college.



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