The trucking industry is fighting a proposal to mandate 2% biodiesel in all diesel fuel sold in Washington state. They're concerned about poor fuel quality causing unreliability and warranty issues with engine manufacturers. Apparently a similar initiative in Minnesota resulted in widespread problems with clogged filters and gelled fuel.

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My gut feeling: It's too soon to mandate this kind of thing. The biodiesel industry needs to mature to the point where it can provide a consistent, inexpensive product before anyone is required to use it. I also think wanting to subsidize local farmers is the wrong reason to do it -- but that doesn't mean there aren't valid reasons. I think it would be nice to see biodiesel offered as an alternative lubricity additive for low-sulfur fuel, for example. (The fight over the lubricity additive that *has* been mandated, and what it does to pipelines, is a whole 'nother discussion.)

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