The W126 chassis is a little different from the W140, but not much.

I can’t recall if the lower bolts are regular 13mm heads or if they had socket 
head cap screws like the W123 - I’m sure someone here knows.  Definitely do one 
side at a time - it makes it a lot easier to align things.

The W126 is pretty much like this:

1.) Remove the lower bolts (2 -13mm or 5mm socket head cap screws)

2.) Remove the upper bolt (17mm)

3.) Release fan shroud - does not have to be removed.

4.) Place jack with block of wood under oil pan and lift the engine gently.  
You’ll see the engine stop moving after a few good pumps.

5.) Get back underneath the car and remove the mount. Make note of the 
orientation.  Don’t forget the heat shield if there is one.

6.) Get the new mount in position and place heat shield on top, making note of 
the tank that sticks out and the hole it indexes into the heat shield.

7.) Place the top mount bolt back in the engine support.  It won’t line up yet.

8.) Carefully lower the engine so the engine support is touching the top of the 
mount.  Get the top bolt started.  You may have to move the engine around a 
little bit to get it to line up.  Be sure not to cross thread the bolt.

9.) Once the top bolt is in place and started, lower the jack completely.

10.) Try the lower bolts.  One may not line up.  You can use a flat bladed 
screwdriver to move the mount around to get the remaining bolt lined up.  Don’t 
cross thread these - it’s easy to do (don’t ask me how I know this.)

11.) Tighten all three bolts.  Move on to the other side.

It’s one of those brute force sorts of jobs.  Takes some “goomph” but not a lot 
of finesse.  Be sure to buy genuine MB or Lemforder mounts.  Anything else will 
collapse in a year.


> On Sep 5, 2015, at 2:38 PM, Rich Thomas via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> I've got to replace the mounts on one of the SDs.  I vaguely recall you have 
> to put a jack under the oil pan or somewhere to lift it a bit, then do 
> something to get the old ones out and the new in.  Any memories of that job, 
> anyone?  I have a pair in the garage somewhere that came with the other SD 
> that seems OK for now.
> --R
> On 9/5/15 10:40 AM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes wrote:
>> Just finished this job, second time I’ve done it, first time was on the S500 
>> coupe, this time on the 1994 S420.
>> I bought the special offset wrench for removing the top mount bolt, as it’s 
>> buried under the manifolds.  Best $15 I ever spent for a special tool for 
>> this job.  It made it go much faster.  I did the passenger (easy) side in 
>> about 20 minutes, the driver’s side (difficult) in about 40.
>> Now I’m heading back out to put the transmission mount in.  Pretty easy job 
>> on the W140.  I’m getting the nasty stuff out of the way early today, then 
>> it’s time to spend sorting out the pneumatics.  Tomorrow it will be R&R of 
>> the right front caliper on the oldest boy’s 98 S420.  It’s got a stuck 
>> piston.  I’ve got a reman caliper waiting in the wings for it.
>> Dan
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