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> The stability and maneuverability of these things requires that they be 
> controllable rapidly, which can be done with an electric motor.

There are some quadcopter drones which have computer control of position
and attitude. The fellow should incorporate that kind of stability

> It would be interesting to see an analysis of putting a motor/generator
> on the thing, with some batteries for load balancing (is that the right
> term?), sorta like a diesel locomotive (but it doesn't have batteries),
> and see what the size and duration tradeoffs would be like.

His 52 battery system is, hopefully, just a first cut on a proper system.

> They are unlike an airplane in that the lift is only from the rotors
> not the wings, so they take more power than that little airplane.

Just like a helicopter (rotary-wing aircraft) needs more power than an
airplane (fixed-wing aircraft).



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