In an effort to address the remaining items on my list for the 94 S420, I 
started in this morning around 8:30.

First thing was to add a couple of resistors to the coolant temperature sensor 
for the auxiliary fans.  On the 95 and earlier W140 cars, there is a sensor on 
the top front of the M119 engine that provides the setpoint (100 C) for the 
turning on of the auxiliary fans.  I added two 2.2k ohm resistors in parallel 
to get the desired 1.1k ohm resistance to lower the setpoint to around 92C.  Of 
course the little plastic connector body pretty much disintegrated when I 
attempted to disassemble it.  Something for the “list ‘o’ parts” to my dealer 
parts guy tomorrow.

Next was the fuel filter.  I wasn’t looking forward to this, as I really hate 
working around gasoline, but….

This car has the dual fuel pump setup with the filter that uses compression and 
banjo bolt fittings.  Fortunately, everything was neat and clean with no 
corrosion present.  One of the clamp screws for holding the filter and pumps in 
place was worn out, but with a good phillips bit and an offset screwdriver I 
was able to get enough torque on it to break it loose.

Filter and fittings all came loose without much effort.  Go the caps form the 
new filter on the old one pretty quick, so the amount of gas that came out 
wasn’t bad, maybe half a cup or so. Got everything in place, tightened up and 
tested with no leaks.  Put the cover back on and done.

I did find something on the old filter that shocked me a bit when I saw it.  I 
didn’t notice this until after I had removed it and it was draining in the pan: 

And now that the garage is cleared out and car work is pretty much done for the 
weekend, I’m going to tear into my floor jack, I think.  That’s after I start 
the spouse’s birthday cake baking….


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