i did a stupid thing but it;s fixed now.

After the r4 ac compressor blew its housing a month ago, i had to fix it. I 
bought a compressor on amazon and a receiver drier on ebay or somewhere and 
found some more straight mineral oil and assorted seals and orings and etc.

I went to my ac expert. He hung the compressor and i hung the receiver. He's 
younger than my 61 years and refuses to wear glasses. We were working at his 
place about 40 miles north of here. We evacuated and charged the system with 
some of my r12 stash.

About 10 miles south of him, headed to athens, i stopped for a few minutes and 
then when i started again, NO AC. I stopped and looked at it and saw that the 
ac belt had broken but the compressor was still free.

The next day we tried to install the belt and noticed that the pulleys didn't  
line up. A little research by looking at some of my failed compressors 
determined that the R4 installed on the Benz had an incorrect pulley for a 
benz. So, the AC guy who refuses to wear reading glasses installed the 
compressor with a pulley that was a belt width off alignment …. a guaranteed 

SO, since i didn't want to pull the compressor and recharge the system, i 
started studying how to remove the pulley. The compressor i bought was just 
some random r4 for a GM application. I thought they all had the same pulley 
setup. Anyway, i watched some videos by BOB on youtube about removing and 
installing the clutch and pulley. 

Fortunately, auto zone has LOTS of ac tools to borrow. I got a bunch of pullers 
and such and easily took one apart on the bench.

Can it be done in the  car …. Yes, with some effort. I had to remove the 
radiator and then there is just enough room. There are a bunch of details. … 
snap rings and beys in the shaft. So, probably 12 man hours later or more (not 
including time researching the procedures) i am back on the road with ice cold 

So, i was stupid for buying the wrong part.

My AC guy was even stupider for installing it 

And i was even stupider that that for not comparing old and new part and not 
inspecting the job better.

He DOES do a good job …. his work has held pressure (no freon added) for the 3 
or 4 year life that is the max i've ever gotten out of an R4

Take heed and learn from my mistakes.

No animals were harmed and no freon was vented.

Now i'm off to Tupelo MS to deliver a 1500 lb printing press as soon as i get 
the press ready and loaded. I hate hauling the ones that are that heavy.


xx rick
Rick Hawkins


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