I was indeed surprised to find the spare tire in the condition shown in
the attached picture. It had not seen the ground in years, yet it
spontaneously shed its tread. I'm glad I wasn't driving on it when it
happened. I'm also very glad I didn't discover it when I needed to use
the spare.

Maybe saying an old tire should not be used is valid after all.

Now I need to get a new spare.


P.S. Our car's odometer displayed another palindrome today: 280082.
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Pretty old tar. I think Armstrong's been dead for ~20 years or so. Probably not a big surprise it came apart.

This spring one of my 17 yr old farstones came apart.  It was not unexpected.

This summer one of the ~40 yr old tractor tars disintegrated at the bead. (steel inside rusted to dust)

The old WWII vintage S-3 synthetic rubber compound tars would last for 40-50 years. Most tars now are unsafe after 8-10 years.


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