I would start earlier if it wasn't for everyone else being asleep and it waking them up.

Got the floor jack rebuilt. Replaced the seal on the ram from my HF $8 box of O rings. Nice.

The rapid rise feature still doesn't work. Not sure why, but there's a tool forum that has a section on floor jacks with a guy who is really well versed on them, so I'm going to ask him and see if he knows.

Otherwise, it seems to work well and doesn't leak. Yea!



I assume the rapid jack is similar to a two stage hyd pump often used in things like a log splitter. in that, there are actually 2 pumps. one high volume low pressure, and one lower volume, higher pressure. At the set pressure, the pump shifts from one pump to the other. On those pumps, I think it is done with a valve or valves that shift the fluid flow from one side to the other.

Probably aa rusty stuck valve or shot orings that allow the oil by so it does not shift.

I'd guess all it needs is cleaning and new orings.  (outta the same $8 HF set)

I "fixed" those by buying a new pump from Northern Tool when the internal leakage got too high.


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