Oh yea, I was going to mention the technology is out there to control the trucks ECM through the satellite. Commands can be sent (like shut down at next stop), read engine codes, and many other goodies.

On Wed, 01 Feb 2006 21:20:28 -0600, Luther Gulseth <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Well said Kaleb.

The trucks I maintain haul parts for Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, US
Mail, and other high priority (JIT) freight.  Many times our trailer is
live loaded/unloaded (mostly Toyota) onto the assembly line and other
times it sits less than 4 hours before parts are used on the assembly
line.  Life's extremely exciting when one of these trucks breaks down.
I'm the only maintenance person who can get tires changed "NASCAR style"
and other trucks pulled out of the shop by a forklift to repair mine.
Damnit, I love the power that gives me. :D

There are also 15-20 drivers I manage who easily make 100-130k a year and
are home 2 nights/days a week.  They make 3-4 times my salary and I tell
them what to do.

Luther   KB5QHU
Alma, Ark
'83 300SD (231,xxx kmi)
'82 300CD (158,xxx kmi)
'90 300E & '82 300D (parts or run?)

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